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A. Adilia Ruth Cunha


A. Adilia R. Cunha is a born and raised Winnipeg MB artist. In order to attend The Art Institute of Vancouver (AIV), Adilia moved to the west coast of Canada, where she earned a diploma in Animation Art & Design (2009). 
After further education, including a private mentorship (Jesse Daniel, 2009), Human Anatomy Life Drawing (Justin Ogilvie, 2009), and Production (AVI, 2011), Adilia went on to work at Nerd Corps Entertainment (2011). There she animated for Disney’s ‘Rated A For Awesome’ and Mattel’s first 3D animated ‘Monster High’ movie: ‘Why Do Ghouls Fall in Love?’

After moving back to Manitoba, Adilia became a member of the Cre8ery (2016), where she has participated in multiple group shows titled “99 Pieces of Art on the Wall” (January 2017 & 2019), volunteered for the “Strength in Numbers” (April 2017) fundraiser, and will continued to show and sell her works in the Auxiliary Gallery. Adilia was next invited to become a RAW Natural Born Artist member, which led her to participate Winnipeg's “Connect” (August 2018) and "Link" (May 2022) Showcases.

Currently Adilia spends her time roaming, mostly between Manitoba, British Columbia, and Florida. Using her prior education and eternal love of shape, colour, and composition, she continues exploring new ways of expression and story telling through means of drawing, painting, and photography.

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